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A Tell of a Tale  Click Order Review Page below published September 2015 

Dirt Mountain Mystery   Click order Review Page below published July 2012


Cajah's Mountain:  Click Order Review Page below published January 2012


Voyage to America 1766  (revised 2013) is immediately available online through or click Order Review Page below.


Resurrected Memories: The Story of a Lifetime second printing 2012 - Order information listed below

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Books by Jim Herman

Published September 30, 2015


JULY 11, 2012


 The fourth book in Jim Herman's Resurrected Memory Series, Dirt Mountain Mystery, is now available.  Using his boyhood experiences of family 1950s lifestyles and landmarks in and around the foothills of western North Carolina, he intertwines an unusual fictional mystery containing several plot twists.


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Cajah's Mountain


JANUARY 6, 2012


With this third book in his Resurrected Memories Series, Jim Herman combines two unique stories into one plot twisting murder mystery. The actual boyhood home of the author, Cajah's Mountain, projects both an omnibus and dangerous location for the plight of one individual striving to retain his sanity. The main character's outward struggle, with a murderer on the loose, conflicts vividly with his inward struggle of current and past memories battling for control. This third book by the author follows his first two: Resurrected Memories The Story of a Lifetime and Voyage to America 1766. More information on the author, his family, books and extensive ancestral documentation can be found on his WEB site:


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Voyage to America 1766 (revised January 2013)

In the 18th Century over 50,000 people left their homeland in Germany, their Deutschland, for America.  One-fourth of them never survived the treacherous six month voyage across the stormy Atlantic Ocean.  Mostly settling in Pennsylvania--on free land from William Penn and his Holy Experiment-they raised their families and began a new life in a strange new land shared by Native Americans and wild animals.  Later, with the ending of the American Revolutionary War, some migrated down The Great Wagon Road and resettled again, on virgin land in the Carolinas.  One of these pioneers-Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann-was my ancestor.  This is his untold story.

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Resurrected Memories The Story of a lifetime

Beginning with the death of Abel Herman in a Civil War prison camp in 1864, memories by his great, great grandson are resurrected.  From despair inside this prison camp, to the passionate hope for a family that almost wasn't more than one hundred years later, memories come alive on every page.     Focusing primarily on the decades of the 1940s, 50s and 60s in the rolling foothills of western North Carolina, encounters with people and places long lost and forgotten, are given a chance to live again.  From youth to young adulthood, memories containing danger, humor and a sense of honor are relived in family lifestyles that occurred in a safe and more secure time period; contributing to Resurrected Memories: The Story of a Lifetime.

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